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What is Differential Pressure and Pressure Loss?

When a flow (throttle) element is interposed in a closed passage of fluid in piping, a difference is produced between the..

How to Choose a Control Valve?

When choosing a control valve for a process, there are many things that must be considered,..

Control Valves Leakage Classifications

Control valves are designed to throttle and not necessary to close 100%. A control valve’s..

Control Valve Working Animation

Control valves are valves used to control conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature, and..

Control Valve Installation, Maintenance, Disassembly & Reassembly

A. INSTALLATION 1. Valve Body: Set control valve in the horizontal line of piping in an accessible..



Our Vision

“To become a best servicing supplier to clients in Process Control System”


Our Mission

“Provide the good solution and maintenance to ensure client’s system has good performance”

A Single Step Solution for all Industrial Automation Repairing Needs

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Process Control: PLC, HMI, Control panel, Control valve, Transmitter, Controller, Regulator, Safety valve etc.


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Provide solution for process control device include: Inspection, Sizing, Selection, Integrating of Valve Automation etc.

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Our Area of Excellence in Industrial Automtion segment with total solution that enable us to provide Repair , Troubleshoot , Site Assistance , Training, maintenace, Inspection, Testing, Installation, Commissioning etc.

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Control Valve Service

Repair, Service
Valve Sizing
Repair and Overhaul


Instruments Service

Installation and Comissioning

Filed Service:
-Physical check
– Calibration

Sizing and selecting

Valve Automation Solutions

Document service

Procedure  & Training service

Application engineering service


E & I Design & Fabrication

Industrial Control Panel Manufacturing

Tubing pressure system  Manufacturing

High pressure pump Manufacturing

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